Lisa Javornick

Founder and Director, Javo Studios

An alumni of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Lisa started her career as a staff photographer at a local catalog house. A few years later, Lisa found herself on a one way flight to Los Angeles, California. As an assistant to accomplished photographer Jack Anderson, Lisa worked on national magazine campaigns such as Vogue with clients including Giorgio and Neutrogena. Several years later, Lisa landed a photographer position at 24th Street Studios, one of the original pioneers of digital photography, where she became studio manager. With a growing passion, Lisa continued to challenge her creativity as lead photographer. In 2000, she spun off on her own and started her Los Angeles digital photography studio, founding Javo Studios West, and establishing long term clients such as Memorex, American Racing and Cooking.com. In 2001, with her advanced knowledge of digital photography, she was approached by Leed’s, a rapidly growing promotional products company located in Pittsburgh, to photograph their full-line catalogs.

Lisa opened her studio in Pittsburgh in 2004, and Javo Studios East was established. Today, Javo Studios maintains clients from coast to coast providing high-end digital print/web ready images.

Hector Corante

Senior Photographer, Javo Studios

A native of Orange County, California, Hector Corante received his Bachelors in Communications at California State University, Fullerton. He started his photographic career as an intern at 24th Street Studios where he met Lisa and also experienced the pioneering days of digital photography. After the internship, Hector freelanced as an assistant and photographer throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. For about 7 years, he worked under Jeff Smith, a renowned architectural photographer. Not only did he work as an associate photographer, he also became production manager for Photo Smith Color Lab, a Kodak Q Lab. As part of Smith Photography, he traveled all over the world photographing for interior designers, architects, home builders and the hotel & resort industry. In 2003, long time friend, Lisa Javornick asked him to help with a catalog project in Pittsburgh, PA.

For over 15 years, he’s thrived as senior photographer at Javo Studios.

Brock Kawana

Photographer, Videographer & Studio Manager Javo Studios

In 2012, Brock Kawana needed to complete a summer internship to graduate from college to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Photography.  This is when he contacted studios around the Pittsburgh area and ended up receiving an open try-out from Javo Studios. As fate would have it, he showed up that day and everyday for the next six plus years.  Growing himself with the company from mopping the basement to taking the trash out all with the dream of being behind the camera one day. This is the sheer focus and a complete regard of doing whatever it took to obtain the hard earned title of Photographer. Once he completed this task he began to  specialize in portrait photography from engagements to newborns. Brock has created a style all in his own. In that time he has freelanced with several companies around the Pittsburgh area including Rue 21, American Eagle, and was published by Whirl Magazine. All the while continuing his hard-earned tenacity that led him from a mop handle to behind the lens.  Never stopping until it is perfect.

Behind every great camera is a better photographer.

Forrest Kos

Videographer and Photographer, Javo Studios

With a film dominant background, Forrest began his career at Javo Studios in 2015. After receiving his Bachelors in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Forrest decided to stay in his home state of Pennsylvania. He began assisting Photographers throughout the North East and shooting photos for local publishments for 2 years. After some experience gained he began working for Lisa at her Pittsburgh studio. Today he handles an assortment of tasks such a shooting still photography, videography, editing, retouching, styling, and file management. He has come a long way from the day he showed up on Lisa’s doorstep with resume in hand.

A Newcomer to Javo, but a perfect fit for the future of the company.